Reaching your toes .. and then what?

I recently found the most amazing place for doing yoga. It is a movement community – where all exercises are suggestions and inspiration – diversity and individuality – doing movement your own way – is the way.

Yesterday one trainer said these words:

“There is no reward if you reach your toes or beyond. As you stretch towards your toes it is giving direction to form”

Wishing for something with softness in life gives direction – bending beyond care onto a fixated point often cause injury and pain.

It is that simple and wauuu we complicate life – with the best intensions and reasons.

I wish for you to bend and stretch and cuddle in life with the uttermost softness you can find. If there is no softness, this is the place to start growing awareness.

This spring I’m doing a yoga teacher training education at this breathgiving place called Rört MOVE TO BE MOVED – I just have to get more of this freedom and community taste …

Join me on the yoga mat, for dance or therapy – I welcome you!

mind your ground and clear your mind