Arriving at port reverse 

It can come as a surprise that parts of life are not very fun—that life is not fair. If you have been at war to keep all the difficult, messy and unhappy things at a distance—because everything should be good and in order—it can be a relief to let in the heavy part of reality.

Suddenly, the opposite can also surprise. That life does not have to be difficult and hard from end to end. Almost like having forgotten that life in itself is good too without having to earn it.

In a strange reverse way, it can be easier to have a hard time. And to “forget” to let  undeserved pleasure in, maybe in an attempt to keep the taste of love away from life—because nothing lasts forever.

Then there is nothing to lose because everything is lost in advance.

Try out this thought: sometimes what we run away from or fear is really what we long for the most. What we long for is so frightening because we can lose it, if we get it. So we keep arranging ourselves so that what we want, stays at a distance. This is a catch-22 loophole!

Acceptance and giving in is not just about the relationship to pain. It is just as much about being courageous and allowing life to be deeply fulfilling with everything that’s beautiful, wonderful, astonishing, light, kind, easy… ღ