The power of words

It may seem easier to have a lot you have to and should do ꟷ  than to do what you really want to do.

It may seem easier to have a lot you have to and should ꟷ  than to live with the fact that there is something you cannot …

Behind every should there is a belief. A story that has taught you what is right and wrong, what you think you need to do to make the world cohesive.

With language you paint pictures – self-portraits – from the smallest choices of words to the big word pictures, you draw the story of yourself, your building blocks, inner beliefs, fears, longings, desires, and judgments.

In words, you tell the story of who you are and what rumbles beneath the surface and at the same time the body listens and you create your.

If you have the courage and patience to listen to the words you choose or that come out – you have a linguistic royal road to achieve greater clarity – both to yourself and others.

“Language is the house of being. In its home human beings dwell”.

Heidegger 1949

Therapy is also about looking at what words one describes the world with. The small words that probably seem like stuffing, but which are full of valuation that colors the world you see and feel.